Feeling defeated by your dog's behavior? Let me help

Living with a reactive, aggressive, fearful, or anxious dog can feel frustrating, exhausting, and isolating. You may feel judged by others who don’t understand why your dog can’t “just be normal.” Having shared my life with two “problematic” dogs myself, I understand.

I would be happy to help change your dog’s emotional responses to challenging situations. Through hard work, relief can be possible.

I Can Help Your Dog

Calmly pass other dogs or people while walking on leash

Become comfortable being alone

Feel relaxed with others around her food bowl

Willingly share prized possessions

Look to you when he sees people or dogs instead of reacting

Feel comfortable having feet, ears, or other parts of her body handled

and more!

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Initial Consult

You and I will meet at your home and discuss your dog’s needs and your goals. I’ll give you some initial tips you can implement immediately and develop a training plan that we can schedule right away.


1.5 hours

Step 2: Pick your Plan!

Day Training

I train your dog for you

Serious behavioral issues require careful behavior modification plans, dedication, and a lot of hard work. For this reason, I recommend day training rather. Choose this option and I will come to your home three hours per week and work with your dog for you. Depending on the issue, I may require you to be present for the session. Then, one additional hour per week will be spent transferring your dog’s new skills to you and giving you something to work on. Each day training package includes two follow up sessions after training to wrap up loose ends and make sure you and your dog are still succeeding.

Advantages of this Plan

An experienced professional is doing the training for you

Depending on the issue, training sessions can take place while you are away at work or running errands!

3 weeks + 2 follow ups = $1400 (plus sales tax)


4 weeks + 2 follow ups = $1710 (plus sales tax)

All plans include phone and email support

Because serious behavioral issues require serious help, I highly recommend a 4-week training plan

Keep Going!

Like the results you’re seeing and want to keep working? Add on additional time!

 Per session: $100 (plus sales tax for day training)

Per week: $360 (plus sales tax for day training)